My online sex chat.

I loved sex from the first day I tried it. He has always given me great pleasure and I have never resisted him. I was also always lucky to have a permanent partner. So I made love as often as I wanted and where I wanted. For several months, however, I was alone, and the lack of sex began to bother me more and more. And that’s when it occurred to me to use the net. After all, sex dating and sex chat are not uncommon here.

I took action and, as it usually happens when you search for something on the Internet, I started typing into the search engine such phrases as sex offers – free dating or sex announcements and sex chats. I quickly found a sensible-looking erotic website in which sex ads were an important part. I started going through the offers and I really found the man who caught my attention. I didn’t hesitate – I wrote to him right away. The answer came in no time, and with it the photo.

He looked like a young god – we’ll take care, muscular. I already knew it was this guy that I wanted to go to bed with. I suggested a meeting on the second day. We rented a hotel outside of town. I didn’t want to meet friends or people at work – I know they wouldn’t understand it. Some people still hoped that we would get back together with M. And that was the past. I didn’t have much time to prepare for the meeting.

Fortunately, my underwear drawer hid real gems. In this way, I put on a sexy corset in which my breasts were incredibly exposed. When I got to the hotel room where he was waiting for me, my pussy was wet with excitement. I even thought that no foreplay was needed anymore. They can ride him right away. But I let him take the initiative. He undressed me very quickly and I did not stay longer for him. After a while, he was already naked, caressing my pussy with his tongue.

He licked her passionately, hot and at the same time was so gentle. It has been a long time since no one with the tongue gave me so much pleasure. It was wonderful. When he put his finger inside me, I gasped with delight. First, it spun a few wheels, then began to move back and forth. At the same time, he remembered my clitoris, which was already really hard and protruding. I knew I was coming soon. He didn’t let me do it though – he suddenly broke off and then his penis was between my breasts, which were really perfect for such games. He reached for the olive from the cupboard and began to move. His hands squeezed my breasts tight – his penis was really crushed by them. There was real bliss on his face. It was enough to look at him to know that he would come any moment. And so it happened. His hot sperm flooded my entire breasts.