How did I find a guy for sex chat.

One evening I decided to go to a sex chat and find guys who would like to meet me and just fuck me hard. At first, I just watched the conversations in progress and got more and more turned on. Suddenly, a private message from one of the discussion participants appeared on my screen. The photo he attached showed a gorgeous penis. I immediately imagined taking it in my mouth and my pussy immediately got wet.

The stranger asked if I wanted to talk and asked me to send him some sex pics. I was a little embarrassed, but no one was supposed to find out that it was me, so after a while the man on the other side could enjoy the sight of my firm breasts and pussy filled with a sizable vibrator. Paul, because that was his name, started telling me how he masturbates looking at my body in the pictures. His every sentence made me redder and redder with excitement, and my cavity pulsed steadily, demanding some action. I asked Paul to show me a bit more of his body as well, and he shared his sex gallery with me, which included a lot of pictures! I tried to describe to him what I do with myself, how he is massaging my clitoris and slowly bringing myself to pleasure, but at that point I was not able to express it in words. Of course it was wonderful, but it still wasn’t enough for me and I shared this idea with Paul.

He also admitted that online sex is not his favorite form of satisfying his sexual desires. So without thinking for a long time, I suggested a meeting on the same evening. Paul was surprised, but after a while he agreed and asked if we were meeting at my place or at his place? I was a little scared that he didn’t realize my age – I was still living with my parents! She decided not to make him aware of this and we agreed to meet him in his apartment, which was on the other side of the city. I don’t remember what excuse I used to get out of the house at this time, but an hour later I was at his place. He was about 30 and it didn’t scare him that I was a teenager. He just asked if I wanted to do it lightly or sharply, and then he just rolled up my skirt, tore my panties off, and began to fuck me on the kitchen table. I was fine and I wanted more! I felt his big swollen cock inside me and pleasure flooded my whole body! I came much faster than I would have liked, but Paul was good enough to “treat” me with his penis a few more times that night.