Sex chat. How to attract a girl.

It is an open secret, that the process of building love relationship is complicated, long and full of risks and pitfalls. At the beginning of any connection, the first thing everybody should do is to step on the path to empathy and strive to strengthen understanding. Consequently, one of the biggest question for all men is how to attract a girl you like? Furthermore, it gets a lot harder, when you’re trying to attract a woman who is not interested in you. No doubt, the most pleasant way is when a woman is looking for a man herself, but who are we kidding – it doesn’t often happen. It would be easier to find an answer after reading the article – whether you’re going to win the heart of a woman you’ve just get acquainted with, interest a stranger through texting or even meet someone on sex chat website.

But let’s start with how to pick up girls first and where do we – guys do it most often? It is quite a sad thing, but most of the time we try to do it on dating sites. I’m not saying that dating sites are bad. Absolutely! I even claim that it is a fun place to meet an interesting person or a robot if you use sex chat bot.

However, in all this, we must not forget about the real world. About the fact that we can just talk to the girl live, ask her what her name is. I know it can be embarrassing at first, but believe me or not – every friend of yours will confirm that women love guys who are not afraid to come up and talk face to face.

Anyway, think about it yourself. What does it look like when you want to talk to a girl in class and instead of doing it during break or after school, you do it on Facebook? Exactly – not very masculine. Meeting girls via sex chat or on Facebook is not bad, but if you have the option to do it live, it will always be the better option. But about how to talk to a girl on Facebook or in general – on the Internet, we will go on to the next part of the post.

It’s time to move on to the aforementioned basic rules that we should stick to if we want to seduce a girl.

Rule 1. Don’t be too direct.

This is quite an important rule, and I put it first here for a reason. What do I mean by writing so that you won’t be too direct? My point is, you can’t tell a girl you barely know that:

Do you like her

You fell in love with her

You care about her

You are counting on something more

Why – you ask? Listen up. It has been said for centuries that honesty is the key. That’s true, but not exactly when it comes to picking up girls. If you confess your intentions at the start, all the “chemistry” between you will evaporate. There will be no more this “mystery” which is very important in the initial stage of acquaintance.

You will cease to be a challenge for her, because she will know that she has you in hand. Most likely, she won’t want to see you or talk to you anymore. Remember that you cannot overly show a girl that you are interested in her. She, too, has to try and take the initiative.

Rule 2. Don’t be overly nice.

Being nice is good, but you have to set some limits. Remember that you cannot agree to anything proposed by the woman you are interested in. You will give the impression of a warm dumpling, which if you do not say it, it will run to it in a moment.

I’m not saying you should pretend you are unavailable, but be sure to exercise good judgment. Women don’t like overly nice guys because they seem boring and, rather than getting a girlfriend, you’ll probably end up in Friendzone.

So what should your conversation look like? There is a saying “whoever cares, likes him”. Remember to be yourself first of all, but it is worth introducing elements of rebuke to the other person into the conversation. That way you can very easily loosen the atmosphere a little and laugh at yourself.

The conversation should also include jokes. I’m not saying that you have to memorize all the texts from the Internet right away – this is not the way. I am talking about making fun of more of myself. Everyone should have the right distance. Joking with yourself will definitely not hurt, and you will show that you have this distance and will become much more attractive.

Rule 3. Take care of yourself – your appearance, style of clothing.

Like it or not, it is widely recognized that firstly people judge you by appearance. Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with the appearance of Brad Pitt, so many of the guys have to be content with more ordinary look. But the fact that nature hasn’t awarded you with handsome face and sexy body is not an excuse to give up and put up with it. You can and should work on your appearance day after day. It is crystal clear, that nice well-groomed guys are much more likely to attract a girl than rough-looking monsters.

An extremely important rule, due to the fact that the way you look, how you dress and whether you are well-groomed, you create your first – the most important impression. After that, the girl will be able to initially judge you – what you are and whether you care about hygiene, even if only.

Remember that I am not talking about wearing designer clothes – absolutely. Sincerely? I would even advise against it. After all, you are not looking for a woman who looks at money, but a valuable woman – I guess?

Rule 4. Self-confidence is the key to success.

Self-confidence is one of the most important features of every human being. Thanks to assertiveness, you can not only easily charm the girl you want to get, but also find a job or clients for your company easier. But to the point. How does self-confidence relate to a pickup?

Well, it is, very much. There is a group of girls who like it when a boy is tense / nervous trying to talk to a woman. However, in the vast majority of cases, this will not be a good feature. You will show at the start that you are interested in a given girl, because otherwise you would not care so much about what she will think or how she will react to what you say. So at the beginning, you will probably stop being a challenge to that person.

That is why self-confidence is so important, confidence in what you say and how you behave. You cannot be afraid to say or do something. I realize that it is not easy and self-confidence, self-esteem takes a long time, but it is not impossible.

In the modern world, polite young people with good manners and a skill to chat about things on different topics are worth their weight in gold. If you become such a guy, moreover with a nice appearance, girls themselves would think about how to get your attention. What is more, they really appreciate men’s willingness to help and an ability to be the shoulder for them when in trouble. Based on the above, you can conclude that nothing particularly difficult is necessary to attract a lady. It’s enough to just become an attractive, gallant, successful and confident guy. It also wouldn’t hurt to be funny, edgy, right up to the line without crossing it – girls like guys with a good sense of humor. The more you have advantages over the other men, the better you are: appearance, profession, prospects, talents, financial status, manners, mind, education, etc. Do not be afraid to demonstrate your interest to the girl – she will surely be pleased that you have singled her out among the other ladies.

Look for more in common, think about what could unite you with this girl: tastes, interests, profession, hobby, friends, etc. – this will help you to form the impression that you are the kindred spirits. Always remember: if you managed to attract girl attention, it is extremely important to keep it so; otherwise, she will be quickly disappointed in you.